Forensic DNA profiling and timber tracing for origin of wood with special reference to Tectona grandis (Teak) and Pterocarpus marsupium (Beeja). Dr. S.K. Tiwari
  1. To establish qualitative DNA extraction protocol from hard and sap wood.
  2. To identify informative DNA markers for species identification.
  3. To identify proper mechanism for controlling illegal felling by establishing forensic DNA profiling and timber tracing for origin of wood.
  4. To demonstrate DNA fingerprinting technique of Teak logs and their stumps.
APCCF (R/E and Lok Vaniki), MP. Bhopal. June, 2020
Monitoring and evaluation of tissue culture grown plants of Dendrocalamus asper in different forest divisions of Madhya Pradesh Dr. S.K. Tiwari To collect the growth performance data of tissue culture grown plants of D. asper. Mission Director, M.P. State Bamboo Mission, Bhopal 2021

Sequestered carbon in roadside plantations: an assessment of potential contribution in climate mitigation in Jabalpur Smart City

Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar

  • To estimate carbon sequestration by different species in roadside plantations and parks and gardens of Jabalpur and Katni.
  • To study variations in rates of carbon sequestration with species and age.
  • To identify suitable tree species for roadside plantations and parks and gardens.
  • To assess the potential contribution of roadside plantations in climate change mitigation.

EPCO, Bhopal, MP

Sept. 2020

Maintenance and enrichment of SFRI Bamboosetum        

Dr. A.K. Sharma

  1. To maintain and introduce new bamboo species in existed Bamboosetum of SFRI.
  2. To exhibit information of each species on bamboo.
  3. To prepare a technical bulletin with documentation of Bamboo species.

M.P. State Bamboo Mission, Bhopal

June 2020

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for wildlife habitat improvement in the adjoining area of Sardar Sarovar Project, Madhya Pradesh. (Revised DPR)

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To assess the present status of vegetation and existing wild animals in the study area
  • To identify critical wildlife habitat areas including habitat using by major avian fauna
  • To study the status of abiotic attributes of the area- status of soil availability and distribution of water sources and shelter in the study area
  • To prescribe compensatory conservation measures for the wildlife habitat loss caused by submergence
  • To study the dependence of local communities on the study area for their livelihood needs and to suggest measures for the development of alternative sources.
  • To explore the possibility of eco-tourism in the study area as alternative source of livelihood to local communities.
  • To prescribe the activities for habitat improvement with financial implication.

NVDA, Bhopal (M.P.)

Oct. 2020

(Revised DPR)

Study on agricultural crop damage by wild animals and its management in Hoshangabad Circle of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To estimate the crop damage through direct and indirect method and find out the correlation factor to evaluate the crop damage cost.
  • To assess the effect of treatment of animal repellents to reduce the crop damage.
  • To assess the socio-economic impact of crop damage and to resolve the conflicts of farmers.
  • To suggest the mitigation measures to minimize the crop damage. 

PCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki) M.P. Bhopal


May 2020

Management & Conservation Plan  for Proposed Acharya Shankar International Vedant Sansthan in Godadpura of Punasa Range, Beat Mandhata Near Omkareswar of Khandawa District Madhya Pradesh Dr. Anjana Rajput As per Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Specific Condition No. 14 (b):- Wildlife Conservation Plan

Principal Secretary, Culture Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Vallabh Bhavan, Bhopal

Sept. 2020