Research Disciplines

  1. Timber & Fuel-wood Utilization
  2. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
  3. Bamboos
  4. Other NWFPs
  5. Forest-based Livelihoods
  6. Market Information System



Research Priorities

  1. Exploration of the potential alternative uses of so-called inferior woods.
  2. Development of techniques for utilization of biomass residues from saw mills and other wood based industries.
  3. Development of techniques for generation of bio-energy.
  4. Development of briquetting techniques for increasing fuel efficiency.
  5. Development of fuel efficient devices to reduce consumption of fuelwood.  


Research Priorities

  1. Resource survey of naturally occurring medicinal and aromatic plants within and outside forest areas of Madhya Pradesh and identification of hot spots.
  2. Assessment of district-wise and species-wise potential sustainable collection of commercially important medicinal and aromatic plants in Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Development of sustainable harvesting techniques, including determination of sustainable harvesting limits of high demand medicinal and aromatic plants.
  4. Development of non-destructive harvesting techniques of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  5. Preparation of a field manual for good collection practices of medicinal and aromatic plants with species-specific details.
  6. Development of primary processing, value addition and good storage techniques of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  7. To study the status of functioning of processing centres established by MFP Federation; identification of species, catchment areas resource potential and beneficiaries; identification of infrastructure and capacity building needs and possible forward linkages for making these centres optimally useful.


Research Priorities

  1. Periodic collection of market prices of various forests produces (wood & non-wood) in major trade centres, including forest depots.
  2. Identification of NTFPs needed to be brought under MSP mechanism and suggesting MSP rates for them.
  3. Analysis of market data for price trends and seasonal fluctuations.
  4. Preparation of a directory of traders and manufactures.
  5. Publication of ‘Van Dhan Vyapar’ newsletter.


Research Priorities

  1. Development of suitable techniques for convenient and cost effective working of congested bamboo clumps.
  2. Exploration of the potential use of small and thin bamboo pieces left after removal of commercial and industrial bamboos from bamboo culms. 
  3. Development of adaptive techniques of making various bamboo products, such as activated charcoal, incense sticks, etc.
  4. Resource survey of various bamboo species within and outside the forest areas of Madhya Pradesh.


Research Priorities  

  1. Trial plantation of Tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon) to explore the possibility of raising Tendu orchards (like tea gardens).
  2. Survey and selection of plant species as sources of food, natural, tans, dyes, fibres & flosses, edible oils, essential oils, etc.     
  3. Resource assessment of important NTFP yielding trees, such as Mahua, Bael, Achar, Harra, Baheda, Aonla, Kullu, Salai, etc.
  4. Development of suitable tools and techniques for sustainable and non-destructive harvesting of NTFPs, especially for gums, resins and bark.
  5. Development of primary processing, value addition and storage techniques of various NTFPs.
  6. Research in lac cultivation on different host plants.


Research Priorities

  1. Assessment of the potential of forest-based livelihoods in the state – Bamboo products, lac, honey, tussar, medicinal plants etc.
  2. Research on wild edible plant produces and their value addition.


Institutional Staff

Name Dr. Jyoti Singh                                                                                            
Designation Senior Research Officer and Division In-charge                                       
Qualification M.Sc. (Botany), M.Phil. (Botany), Ph.D. (Botany)
Experiance 33 years
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact No. 9424305561


Name Alok Kumar Raikwar                                                                                                   
Designation Technical Assistant                                                     
Qualification M.Com (Marketing)
Experiance 21 years
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact No. 7987792601                                                                                          



On-going Projects

Title of the Project

Name of PI


Source of funding

Sanctioned amount (Rs.)

Date of initiation

Due date of completion

Strengthening of Market Information System (MIS) for dissemination of market analysis of minor forest produce in different agro-climatic zones of Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Alok Raikwar

Dr. Jyoti Singh

Managing Director, MPMFP Federation (Trade & Dev.) Co-operative , Bhopal

10.00  lakhs

Sept. 2023

Aug. 2025


Completed Projects

Title of the Project

Name of PI


Funding Agency

Year of  Completion

Regional - Cum - Facilitation Center (RCFC) Central Region, Jabalpur Dr. Uday Homkar   National Medicinal Plant Board, New Delhi 2023
Strengthening of market analysis centre for technical support in Marketing of Minor Forest Produce in Madhya Pradesh Dr.  S.K. Masih
  • To strengthen the current MIS to assist in collection of market information on prices and products in local, regional & national markets.
  • To monitor MSP for selected MFPs in the state and suggest improvements to ensure good returns and increase efficiency in marketing.
  • To undertake study for collection of selected NTFPs.

Managing Director, MPMFP Federation (Trade & Dev.) Co-operative , Bhopal

 Dec. 2022

Survey, Population Density and Quantitative Assessment of Medicinal Plants for the Sustainable Development of Livelihood Generation in Jabalpur Forest Circle (M.P.)

Dr.  S.K. Masih

  • Estimation of population density, production potential and livelihood generation capabilities of  MAPs

NMPB, New Delhi

Dec. 2021


Phenological studies and determination of sustainable harvesting limits of some  important wild Medicinal Plants and other NTFPs with active participation of users forest dependent communities in Satna Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Jyoti Singh

  • Ecological study and preparation of inventory of commercially important wild Medicinal plants potentially rich in forest ecosystem.
  • Status assessment of commercially important wild medicinal plants in the study site
  • Determination of sustainable harvesting limit (SHL) of commercially important MAPs and NTFPs with active community participation.

PCCF (R/E  & Lok Vaniki) MP Bhopal

Feb. 2022

Phytosociological  Study of River Bank Flora From Amarkantak to Mandla with Special Reference to Impact on Water Quality in  River Narmada

Dr. Jyoti Singh

  • To assess  the phytosociological structure of river bank flora 
  • To assess the spatial diversity of phytoplankton community of river and its correlation with the physico-chemical parameters of the water body.
  • To study the physicochemical characterization of river water to assess pollution level.

PCCF (R/E  & Lok Vaniki) MP Bhopal

Feb. 2022



Major Research Achievements

  • Dissemination of detailed list of commercially and economically important MAPs and NTFPs
  • Methodology to determine Estimated Population Density, Estimated Production Potential and Estimated Per Plant Production from other forest circles of the state
  • MAPs and NTFPs identified for capable livelihood generation.
  • Managing forest and forest products for livelihood support and economic growth.
  • Technical publication for dissemination of MAPs and NTFPs capable of livelihood generation.
  • To inculcate and develop the skill of local user community for sustainable harvesting of threatened depleting medicinal/NTFPs due to over and non-scientific exploration in in–situ conditions of dependent tribal communities.
  • Documentation and inventorization of plant diversity in natural and plantation forests of Madhya Pradesh


Services rendered

  • Marketing Information Services for NWFPs.

  • Collection, processing and sustainable harvesting of  NWFPs and gums.

  • Ethno-botanical studies for  information regarding traditional knowledge, Studies on forest-based livelihoods

  • Study of sacred groves and its importance in forest conservation.

  • Training on sustainable harvesting practices of NTFPs and medicinal plants.