Habitat Ecology Division

Research Disciplines

  1. Habitat Management
  2. Ecosytem services valuation of PAs
  3. Ecological studies of terrestrial and aquatic animals
  4. Ecological studies post relocation of villages


Research Priorities

  1. Monitoring of wildlife habitats within and outside PAs
  2. Habitat management studies in core and buffer areas of tiger reserves in special context of water availability and forest fires
  3. Grassland management and estimation of productivity and carrying capacity
  4. Identification of suitable micro and macro habitat sites for specific wildlife species, such as vultures


Research Priorities

  1. Ecological study of wetlands in Madhya Pradesh
  2. Habitat suitability analysis for particular wildlife species
  3. Habitat ecology of birds 
  4. Studies on structure and composition of various types of ecosystems forests/ grasslands/mesic sites, etc.


Research Priorities

  1. Valuation of ecosystem services rendered by PAs
  2. Evaluation of the relationship between indicators of ecosystem services
  3. Studies on relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services 


Research Priorities

  1. Studies on habitat loss and fragmentation due to various developmental and anthropogenic activities-mining/road construction/ dam construction, etc.
  2. Preparation of habitat improvement plans for wildlife displaced due to various developmental activities
  3. Studies on habitat connectivity across highways  

Institutional Staff

Dr. Anjana Rajput,

Senior Research Officer & Division In-Charge

Habitat Ecology Division

Phone: 0761-2665540 (Ext. – 32)
Mobile No: + 91 8989756015

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I did my M.Sc. in Botany with Specialization in Forest Ecology and received Ph.D. in 1992 from Dr. HariSingh Gaur Central University, Sagar (M.P.). Awarded Senior Research Fellowship by CSIR, India, 1992-94. Diploma in Environmental Studies from IGNOU- New Delhi, 2014. Having more than 30 years of research experience in various fields of forestry and wildlife. The areas of interest are Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation, Habitat Ecology & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). 

Recognized as Functional Area Expert for Ecology & Biodiversity from NABET, Quality Council of India, New Delhi for River valley and Mining sectors in 2015. I also supervised research projects of M.Sc. students for their dissertation works. Experience as external evaluator for M. Phil and Ph.D. Thesis and Viva-voce at Indian Institute of Forest Management Bhopal and other Universities.

  • Organized various National level workshops and Training programmes.
  • Participated in several International/National Workshops, Seminars and delivered lecture in various programmes, as guest faculty.
  • Participated in national and international conference including Tree Seeds 2002 (IUFRO Congress) in Chania Crete
  • Participated in 14th World Forestry Congress held in Durban, South Africa at 2015. 
  • Participated in 6th International Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation held in Dubai, UAE at 2017. 
  • Published various research papers in National and International peer reviewed journals, technical bulletins, book chapter, technical research reports and monitoring and evaluation reports.
  • Currently handling the various Research Project of the branch as Principal Investigator.



On-going projects

S. No.

Title of the Project

Name of PI

Source of funding

Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)

Date of Initiation

Due Date of completion


Impact Assessment of Proposed Sheopur Kalan & Badoda Towns A Group Water Supply Scheme- Parbati River Sub-project under MPUSIP on Aquatic Fauna, River Hydrology & Ecology and its Mitigation.

Dr. Anjana Rajput

M.P. Urban Services Improvement Project, Bhopal (M.P.)

67.57 lakh

November 2021

Oct. 2023


म.प्र. जल निगम मर्यादित द्वारा क्रियान्वित बैढन-2, ग्रामीण समूह, चितरंगी ब्लॉक, जिला सिंगरौली, मध्यप्रदेश के जल प्रदाय योजना के अंतर्गत वन्यप्राणियों/बायोडायवर्सिटी पर पड़ने वाले प्रभाव का अध्ययन

Dr. Anjana Rajput

म.प्र. जल निगम मर्यादित, परियोजना क्रियान्वयन ईकाई, सिंगरौली

69.09 lakh

Oct. 2023

July 2024


Regular Activity



Maintenance of monitoring and evalution facilities and data base of predators prey in Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Anjana Rajput

Director, SFRI Jabalpur

11.83 lakh

Apr. 2023

April 2026


Completed Projects 

Title of the Project

Name of PI


Funding Agency   

Year of Completion

AITE-2022 Evaluation of wild Animals Population and Habitat in Madhya Pradesh. (Analysis of Carnivore Sign Survey and beat status of Tiger & Leopard)  
  • To monitor the carnivores in protected areas and territorial divisions of the state
PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal July 2023
Monitoring Re-introduce Tiger (Panthera tigris) in Nauradeshi Wildlife Sanctuary Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • To study ranging & movement pattern of re- introduced tiger in Nauradehi Wildlife Division.
  • To study food habit and prey choice of re-introduced tigers.
  • To study habitat selection by re-introduced tigers.
  • To develop suitable management strategies on long term sustenance and growth of tigers in Nauradehi and its adjoining forest patches.
PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal July 2023
To study the impact of proposed water supply subproject under MPUDP on the Dolphin, Crocodile and their habitat in National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, Morena (M.P.) Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • Study the population distribution, movement and migrating pattern, habitat, nesting and breeding sites of Gharial (Gavelia gangeticus), Ganges Rivers Dolphin (Platanista gangetica) and Crocodile (Muggar) effecting by the proposed project by Chambal River.
  •  Asses the Ecological flow, ambient water flow requirements and Physico-chemical properties in reference to Gharial, Dolphin and Crocodile.
  • Predict and identify the impact of proposed project on the river ecology, existing flora and fauna and their habitat at the stage of execution, operation and maintenance phases.
  • Recommend the mitigation measure and monitoring plan , based on finding of the study.
MP Urban Development Company Ltd., Bhopal December 2021
Monitoring and evaluation of wildlife and their habitats for sustainable management and development in the protected areas/Territorial divisions of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • To Monitor tiger, co- predators, prey and their habitats in protected areas and as well as in all over the state.
  • To strengthen/ improve the facilities and services for monitoring and data interpretation.
  • To create a database based on individual stripe pattern and movement area of tiger which will support monitoring the individual tiger and to deal with Wildlife crime.
PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal April 2021
Preparation of Detailed Project Report for wildlife habitat improvement in the adjoining area of Sardar Sarovar Project, Madhya Pradesh. (Revised DPR) Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • To assess the present status of vegetation and existing wild animals in the study area
  • To identify critical wildlife habitat areas including habitat using by major avian fauna
  • To study the status of abiotic attributes of the area- status of soil availability and distribution of water sources and shelter in the study area
  • To prescribe compensatory conservation measures for the wildlife habitat loss caused by submergence
  • To study the dependence of local communities on the study area for their livelihood needs and to suggest measures for the development of alternative sources.
  • To explore the possibility of eco-tourism in the study area as alternative source of livelihood to local communities.
  • To prescribe the activities for habitat improvement with financial implication
NVDA, Bhopal (M.P.)

Oct. 2020

(Revised DPR)

Study on agricultural crop damage by wild animals and its management in Hoshangabad Circle of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Anjana Rajput
  • To estimate the crop damage through direct and indirect method and find out the correlation factor to evaluate the crop damage cost.
  • To assess the effect of treatment of animal repellents to reduce the crop damage.
  • To assess the socio-economic impact of crop damage and to resolve the conflicts of farmers.
  • To suggest the mitigation measures to minimize the crop damage
PCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki) M.P. Bhopal May 2020

Impact of tourism on ecological, economical and social dynamics in and around the Tiger Reserves of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • Study the status of tourists after fixing the carrying capacity of the tiger reserves
  • To assess the environmental impact, including impact on existing wildlife corridor function due to mushrooming of resorts
  • To assess the economic benefit of tourism and socio – cultural impact on local communities/ inhabitants
  • To encourage the eco- resort through resort grading based on the eco- friendly criterion
  • To suggest mitigation for minimizing the adverse impact of tourism in tiger reserve. 

PCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki) M.P. Bhopal


Dec. 2019

Collection of baseline data and impact of airport activities on proposed tiger safari at Dumna Nature Park.

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To assess the impact of noise and air quality due to airport activities.
  • To collect the baseline data on presence of wildlife, available water resources and existing vegetation of the area.

Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Oct. 2019

Role of management interventions in wildlife habitat improvement on evacuated sites of Satpuda Tiger Reserve, M.P.

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To evaluate the role of management interventions in wildlife habitat improvement on evacuated sites.
  • Assessment of species specific habitat suitability mainly for herbivores.

PCCF (CAMPA), M.P. Bhopal

Aug. 2019

Capacity building of forest staff of Madhya Pradesh on wildlife population monitoring techniques

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To create a cadre of master trainers on advanced wildlife population monitoring techniques that can further transfer their knowledge.
  • To train all frontline forest staff of tiger bearing beats of this States.

PCCF (Wildlife) & Chief Wildlife Warden, M.P. Bhopal



June 2019

Standardization of the population estimation techniques of blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) using Pellet Group Count Method in Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal.

Dr. Mayank Makrand Verma


  • To estimate population of Nilgai using different population estimation techniques in Van Vihar NP.
  • To estimate defecation rate of Nilgai in enclosure.
  • To compare the efficacy of  pellet count method (indirect) and  distance based line transect method (direct) with complete count method.


PCCF & CWLW, MP, Bhopal

Dec. 2018



















  • बाघ, सह-परभक्षी, चैपायों एवं उनके वासस्थल का अनुश्रवण - 2018 हेतु मार्गदर्षिका, Technical Bulletin 78, Year 2018. Download 

  • प्रशिक्षण मार्गदर्शिका - आधुनिक जीपीएस, रेंज फाईडर एवं कम्पास हेतु, Technical, Bulletin 72, year 2017. Download

Research Activities / Other Projects

  • This division had been shouldered the responsibility for International Wildlife Conference on “Wildlife Conservation: Emerging Scenario and Way Forward” held at Kanha Tiger Reserve, Mandla (M.P.) 27-29 April, 2023, under Theme-2 “Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Management”.
  • Executed the project “Monitoring and Evaluation of Plantations (Plantations Year 2015-16) for 20 plantation sites of Madhya Pradesh”, as team leader.


Wildlife Week Celebration in SFRI Training on Wildlife Population Monitoring at Wildlife Institute of India
Interaction With Pardhi Communities
Field Activites under Wildlife Branch Monitoring the tigers, co-predators, prey and their habitats
Field excercise on Camera Trapping Tiger sign survey

Services rendered

  • Population estimation of tiger, co-predator and prey, Technical guidance on modern scientific tools and technologies for assessment of wildlife.

  • Preparation of Wildlife Habitat Management / Habitat Improvement Plan and, Grassland management.

  • Ecological studies of aquatic animals and their habitat in the wetlands of forest areas.

  • Ecological studies post relocation of villages.

  • Training to front line staff of the forest department on the issued identified by the forest department for wildlife conservation.