1 Mass multiplication of Medicinal and Aromatic plants Dr. Uday Homkar
  • Development of area for mass multiplication of medicinal plant species as well as commercially important fruit bearing medicinal species.
  • To multiply plants in large number.
Horticulture and Medicinal Plant Mission, Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh) November, 2014
2 Modernization and digitalization of existing forest herbarium of State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (M.P.)                Dr. O.P. Chaubey
  • Modernization of existing forest herbarium by extending temperature and humidity controller, computer facilities/lighting/ power points/ fittings and fixtures for e-herbarium
  • Preparation of electronic herbarium database
M.P. Forest department (Land Management) December, 2014
3 Development and enrichment of existing botanic garden of S.F.R.I., Jabalpur with rare and endemic angiosperm and pteridophytes Dr. O.P. Chaubey
  • Strengthening the infrastructure of the garden.
  • Enrichment and multiplication of the garden with fern and fern allies and rare /endemic tree species.
  • Extension programme for biodiversity conservation.
  • Preparation of education materials.
M.P. Forest department (R, E & Lok Vaniki Wing) December, 2014
4 Non timber Forest Produce (NTFP) Resource Assessment and Development (UP-PFMPAP) under Japan International Corporation Agency. (JICA) Dr. R.K.  Pandey 
  • To carry out situational analysis in three regions viz; (i)Vindhayachal (ii) Bundelkhand  (iii)Terai
  • To develop community based participatory mapping and assessment methodologies.
  • To evolve a package of in-situ/ex-situ conservation, enrichment and propagation practices.
  • To provide technical guidance for cultivation on private lands as pure crops/Agro forestry/farm forestry.
  • To develop training materials/modules to be used for training the DMU/FMU/JFMC/NSO/PNGO staffs and SHG / SHG consortium for the above topics.
  • To give field guidance to DMU / FMU / NSO / PNGO staffs
U.P. Participatory Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation Project(UP-PFMPAP ) September, 2014
5 Harvesting and post harvesting Technology of Non timber Forest Produce (NTFP) (UP-PFMPAP) under Japan International Corporation Agency. (JICA) Dr. R.K.  Pandey 
  • Development of skill and capabilities of forest dependent communities for sustainable harvesting of NTFPs and MAPs through field training and awareness campaign.
  • Secure sustainable forest management by improving harvesting practices especially implementing sustainable harvesting limits through community institutions and other stakeholders.
U.P. Participatory Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation Project (UP-PFMPAP ) July, 2014
6 Establishment of an advanced laboratory for molecular characterization and chemoprofiling of Commiphora wightii plant Dr. S.K. Tiwari 
  • Collection of germplasm
  • To standardize chemoprofiling techniques through HPLC for active ingredient
  • To assess the genetic diversity of selected species through molecular characterization
M.P. Biotechnology Council, Bhopal October, 2014
7 Clonal multiplication of  Dendrocalamus asper (Thailand bamboo) through micropropagation technique. Dr. S.K. Tiwari 
  • To multiply and produce Dendrocalamus  asper plants using micropropagation technique.
  • To produce 3000 plants per year
Add. PCCF, Research Extension & Lokvaniki Bhopal. December, 2014
8 Effect of Vermicompost and Neem cake on plant growth of some forestry species. Dr. Archana Sharma
  • To compare the effect of Vermicompost, FYM (farm yard manure) and Neem cake on plant growth and biomass production of Aonla, Khamer, and Teak seedlings and also to determine the optimum doses of these fertilizers and Neem cake.
Add. PCCF, Research Extension & Lokvaniki Bhopal April, 2015
9 Effect of Various Pretreatment on Seed Germination of Fresh and Stored Seeds of Tectona grandis (Teak) Dr. Archana Sharma
  • Find out an appropriate seed collection period for better germination.
  • Find out an appropriate time of sowing for better seed germination.
  • Find out the best sowing media for quick and higher germination.
  • Find out the best pretreatment technique to hasten for hastening seed germination of teak seeds.
  • Preparation of field manual.
Add. PCCF, Research Extension & Lokvaniki Bhopal February, 2015
10 Strengthening of Infrastructure of Collection, Testing, Certification and Storage of Forestry Seeds Dr. Archana Sharma
  • To improved the capability of the institute for collection, testing, certification and storage of seeds.
Add. PCCF, Research Extension & Lokvaniki Bhopal March, 2015
11 म.प्र. राज्य वन विकास अभिकरण द्वारा विभिन्न वन विकास अभिकरणों में वित्तीय वर्ष 2010-11 में प्रारंभ किये गये वनीकरण कार्यों (2011-12 में किये वृक्षारोपण) का अनुश्रवण मूल्यांकन किये जाने के संबंध में। Shri S.K. Jain
  • To promote peoples participation in afforestation works and forest management.
  • Checking forest degradation and loss of bio-diversity.
  • Ecological sustainability, environmental conservation and eco-development of project areas.
  • To develop the degraded forest wastelands by appropriate a forestation activity.
  • Assisting natural regeneration in degraded areas with good root stock.
  • Ensuring sustainable use of forest produce obtained from the regenerated areas.
  • To develop water resources through soil and moisture conservation efforts and water harvesting.
  • To develop public awareness for forests as beneficial resource and use of its produce for the maximum benefit.
  • Employment generation for the poor sections of society particularly the women SC/ST and landless labourers inhabiting forest
APCCF (JFM/FDA) MP, Bhopal April, 2015
12 Sustainable harvesting and primary processing of gums and gum oleo resin in Madhya Pradesh Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To study and document the present status of sustainable harvesting, processing, utilization and marketing of important gums and gum oleo-resin viz Sterculia urens (gum karaya), Anogeissus latifolia (Dhaora gum), Butea monosperma (Kamarkas gum) and Boswellia serrata (Salai oleo resin) in the state.
  • To standardize methods of sustainable harvesting and primary processing of Dhaora, kullu, kamarkas gum and salai oleo-resin.
  • To evolve proper methods of storage to maintain its properties.
  • Extension of improved harvesting, processing, value addition and storage technologies to model villages through training.
MPMFP (Trade & Dev.) Federation   co-operative, Bhopal September, 2014
13 Preservation and Digitization of research records of SFRI Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To digitize old research records of SFRI.
APCCF, R&E Lok Vaniki, MP Bhopal December, 2014
14 Development of storage system in archive record rooms of State Forest Research Institute Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • Installation of storage systems in archive record rooms of State Forest Research Institute.
13th Finance Commission. M.P. Forest Department  Bhopal June, 2015
15 Training on technical know how of gum tapping from Butea monosperma in Umaria and Tikamgarh districts to local people and frontline staff of forest department. Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To impart training on sustainable harvesting, processing and marketing of  Butea monosperma
APCCF, R&E Lok Vaniki, MP Bhopal June, 2015
16 Valuation of forest resource and its accounting: a case study of south Balaghat Forest Division. Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar
  • To undertake a specific study for forestry valuation and resource accounting of contribution of forests at division level.
  • To suggest a method and framework for adopting an improved Forest Resource Accounting (FRA) System
APCCF (R&E) Bhopal, M.P. June, 2015
17 Science plan for utilization of Automatic weather station (AWS) and Agro-meteorological station (AMS) data in Madhya Pradesh, India (In collaboration with M P Forest Deptt.) Dr. Sachin Dixit 
  • To collect data on height and girth of forest trees in different forest types of protected areas.
  • To estimate the litter biomass in different forest types of protected areas.
  • To estimate the herbaceous biomass in different forest types of protected areas.
  • Soil analysis study in different forest areas
M.P. Forest Department and SAC, Ahemdabad May, 2015
18 Establishment of leaf orchard of Tendu Dr. Sachin Dixit 
  • To develop protocol for raising tendu leaf orchard.
  • To develop tendu leaf resources near villages.
  • To demonstrate and train the tendu leaf pluckers. 
MPMFP(T&D) Fed. Bhopal October, 2014
19 Development of suitable nursery techniques of some important rare species of Madhya Pradesh forests Dr. Sachin Dixit 
  • To procure germplasm of important rare and endangered  tree species, namely Kardhai, Tinsa, Garari, Kullu, Dahiman, Kuchla, Reetha, Mundi, Haldu and Rakt Chandan.
  • To know the impact of growth harmone on seed dormancy
  • To standardize size of polythene bag for optimum growth in nursery.
  • To standardize size of root trainer for optimum growth in nursery.
  • To determine best potting mixture for better growth of targeted species in nursery.
  • To develop a field manual on nursery techniques for targeted species.
  • To supply quality plants of targeted species to forest department to strengthen the germplasm
APCCF, R&E Lok Vaniki, MP Bhopal April, 2015
20 The study  on top dying of Gmelina arborea and its management Dr. Jyoti Singh
Dr. Sachin Dixit
  • To study the  biotic and abiotic factors affecting  top dying  
  • To study  the impact of microbial flora and  edaphic factors on  top dying
  • Survey of study sites to know about the effect of crop composition on top dying
  • To study the mode of infection and conditions favourable for disease development
  • Preparation of check list of organism causing the disease.
  •  To evolve suitable management strategies and its dissemination to users
  • Preparation of working manual to field officers for management of top dying.
APCCF, R&E Lok Vaniki, MP Bhopal March, 2015
21 Residential training programme on nursery management A. Sarkar
  • Skill development and use of research technologies in nursery management for field staff.
APCCF (Research/ Extension & Lokvaniki) MP Bhopal April, 2014