Services Rendered by the Institute

Services Concerned Branch
Plantation and cultivation techniques of various tree and medicinal plant species. 
Biodiversity & Ethno botanical Assessment
Biodiversity and Medicinal Plants
Techniques of tissue culture and Bio-Technology ,and Chemical analysis and chemo-profiling of medicinal plants and supply of planting material. Forest Genetics, plant Propagation And BioTechnology
Techniques of agro-cultivation, processing, storage, nursery development and supply of planting material. Tree Improvement
Seed certification and supply of quality seed Seed Technology
Soil analysis Silviculture
Development of Market Information System. Social Economics,Marketing And Utilization
Environmental impact assessment studies and Environment Management Plan. Forest Ecology and Environment (EIA Cell)
Preparation of form factors, volume and yield tables of timber tree species. Front Resource Assessment. Forest Mensuration And Statistics
Provide research references of the research conducted by the institute. Library and Documentation
Forest resource assessment. Forest Botany
Provide information on population estimation of tiger, co-predator, and prey to the forest department. Wildlife
Design, development and implementation of computer based information system. Computer and Information Technology
Guidance and research facilities to Ph.D. students in forestry subjects and organisation of training programmes. Extension,Training And Consultancy