Extension of developed nursery techniques of some important NTFPs and Medicinal plant species through Research and Extension centers of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Uday Homkar

  • Providing training to nursery staff of research and extension nurseries of Madhya Pradesh regarding nursery techniques of selected species (one training program in each R&E circle).

  • Providing post support to nursery field staff for helping them in plant preparation in their nursery.

APCCF   (R/E and Lok Vaniki) M.P. Bhopal


Biodiversity assessment of encroachment removed area of Madan Mahal Hills of Jabalpur and it's surrounding forest area for ecological restoration through plantation and conservation of cleaned area.

Dr. Uday Homkar

  • To assess the floral combination of forest area of Madan Mahal Hills.

  • To prepare a checklist of the faunal diversity of the area.

  • To prepare plants for plantation in suggested areas.

  • To suggest the appropriate plantation technique to NNJ for plantation in encroachment cleaned areas

Municipal Corporation (Smart City) Jabalpur





चलित मृदा परीक्षण प्रयोगशाला के माध्यम से म.प्र. के अनुसंधान एवं विस्तार केन्द्रों में मृदा परीक्षण कर मृदा में उपस्थित परीक्षण कर मृदा में उपस्थित पोषक तत्वों की जानकारी प्रदान करना

Dr. Pratiksha Chaturvedi

  • मृदा परीक्षण सुविधाओं को रोपणी तक पहुँचाना एवं रोपणी मृदा में उपलब्ध पोषक तत्वों का परीक्षण करना।

  • मृदा एवं केंचुआ खाद में उपस्थित तत्वों के बारे में जानकारी मृदा स्वास्थ कार्ड के माध्यम से उपलब्ध कराना।

  • रोपणी की मृदा परीक्षण के उपरांत मृदा में उपलब्ध पोषक तत्वों के आधार पर खाद की मात्रा के बारे में सुझाव देना।

APCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki) MP, Bhopal

April 2021

म.प्र. राज्य वन विकास अभिकरण द्वारा विभिन्न वन विकास अभिकरणों में वित्तीय वर्ष 2015-2016 (िद्वतीय मूल्यांकन) एवं 2016-17 (प्रथम मूल्यांकन) के वर्षा ऋतु में हुए वृक्षारोपण कार्यों का अनुश्रवण मूल्यांकन एवं प्रोजेक्ट इम्पेक्ट असिसमेंट  (पी.आई.ए.) के संबंध।

Dr. Pratiksha Chaturvedi

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of FDAs.

  • Project Impact Assessment   




Feb. 2022




Survey, Population Density and Quantitative Assessment of Medicinal Plants for the Sustainable Development of Livelihood Generation in Jabalpur Forest Circle (M.P.)

Dr. S.K Masih



  • Estimation of population density, production potential and livelihood generation capabilities of  MAPs

NMPB, New Delhi

Dec. 2021

Phenological studies and determinationof sustainable harvesting limits of some  important wild Medicinal Plants and other NTFPs with active participation of users forest dependent communities in Satna Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Jyoti Singh

  • Ecological study and preparation of inventory of commercially important wild Medicinal plants potentially rich in forest ecosystem.

  • Status assessment of commercially important wild medicinal plants in the study site

  • Determination of sustainable harvesting limit (SHL) of commercially important MAPs and NTFPs with active community participation.

PCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki)MP Bhopal

Feb. 2022

Phytosociological  Study of River Bank Flora From Amarkantak to Mandla with Special Reference to Impact on Water Quality in  River Narmada

Dr. Jyoti Singh

  • To assess  the phytosociological structure of river bank flora 

  • To assess the spatial diversity of phytoplankton community of river and its correlation with the physico-chemical parameters of the water body.

  • To study the physicochemical characterization of river water to assess pollution level.

PCCF (R/E & Lok Vaniki)MP Bhopal

Feb 2022




रोपणी में रूट ट्रेनर में पौध तैयारी, पौधों में होने वाली बीमारियों का निदान एवं रोपणी प्रबंधन पर प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम।    

Dr. Archana Sharma

  • रूट ट्रेनर में उच्च गुणवत्ता के पौध तैयारी करना।

  • रोपणी में तैयार पौधों में होने वाली बीमारीयों का निदान।

  • नर्सरी प्रबंधन।

PCCF (R/E, Lok Vaniki), M.P. Bhopal

March 2022







Capacity Building of Frontline Forest Staff of Madhya Pradesh for 5thcycle of All India Tiger Estimation Programme-2021-22

Dr Aniruddha Majumder

  • To create a cadre of master trainers on advanced wildlife population monitoring techniques who can further transfer their knowledge to frontline forest staff of their respective forest divisions/PAs

  • To train all frontline forest staff of tiger bearing beats of this state.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Wildlife (M.P.)

January 2022




Monitoring and evaluation of wildlife and their habitats for sustainable management and development in the protected areas/Territorial divisions of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • To Monitor tiger, co- predators, prey and their habitats in protected areas and as well as in all over the state.

  • To strengthen/ improve the facilities and services for monitoring and data interpretation.

  • To create a database based on individual stripe pattern and movement area of tiger which will support monitoring the individual tiger and to deal with Wildlife crime.

PCCF (Wildlife) Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal

April 2021

To Study the impact of proposed Morena Water Supply under sub project MPUDP on the Dolphin, Crocodile & Gharial and their habitat in National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, Morena (M.P.).


Dr. Anjana Rajput

  • Study the population distribution, movement and migrating pattern, habitat, nesting and breeding sites of Gharial (Gavelia gangeticus), Ganges Rivers Dolphin (Platanista gangetica) and Crocodile (Muggar) effecting by the proposed project by Chambal River.

  •  Asses the Ecological flow, ambient water flow requirements and Physico-chemical properties in reference to Gharial, Dolphin and Crocodile.

  • Predict and identify the impact of proposed project on the river ecology, existing flora and fauna and their habitat at the stage of execution, operation and maintenance phases.

  • Recommend the mitigation measure and monitoring plan, based on finding of the study.

MP Urban Development Company Ltd., Bhopal

Dec. 2021