Preservation plots are miniature nature reserves to represent ecological models of different forest types. As per the revised classification of Champion and Seth (1968), there are 25 major forest types occurring in the State. In order to represent different forest types of Madhya Pradesh, there are 39 preservation plots established in protected and unprotected forest areas of the state on the recommendation of 3rd All India Silvicultural Conference, 1929. Out of 39 preservation plots, 26 are of recent origin and rest are established from 1931 onwards. It is very essential to protect the plot from grazing, fire and illicit cuttings, preservation plots are valuable assets to conduct ecological studies. Growth data of miscellaneous species occurring in natural forests have not yet been recorded and can be recorded through these preservation plot. The preservation plots will serve the purpose to conduct growth and carbon sequestration studies.

The study of these preservation plots would be of vital importance for measuring potential of our forests to serve as not only a carbon offset both (above and below ground) and to determine the potential for mitigation of atmospheric CO2 emission but also successional pattern of different forest types of the state. Database on growth characteristics of naturally occurring miscellaneous species will also help to identify site specific species for plantation programmes and to determine the standing volumes of miscellaneous species in different edapho-climatic conditions.



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