Procurement Cell

This cell will discharge the following functions.                                                    

  1. Collection of indents for procurement of scientific equipments, chemicals, glassware, nursery tools, stationery articles, other store items, consumables, etc. from various divisions/cells/sections of the institute.

  2. Calling for tenders/quotations etc. and placing orders to Laghu Udyog Nigam/GEM for the procurement following procedure laid down in Store Purchase Rules.

  3. Physical verification of the material procured and issuance to the indenting divisions/cells/sections.

  4. Taking timely action for awarding annual maintenance contracts for costly scientific and electrical equipments.

  5. Taking timely action for writing off of store articles.

  6. Preparation of store returns. 


Shri K.L. Verma

Cell In-charge

State Forest Research Institute
Polipathar, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh  - 482008
Tel: +91-761-2665540
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